My name is Benj, and I have worked as a graphic designer for the past 18 years.  I never really thought about casinos or gambling that much while growing up. It wasn’t until I took a trip to Atlantic City for a friend’s bachelor party that I experienced firsthand the destructive nature of a gambling–based economy. 

When New York state began its initiative to tout casinos as an economic driver, my town was targeted as a probable location. A small group of citizens banded together to form a grassroots organization that successfully fought off the casino’s backers. We worked from nothing. My thesis project was born from this experience - So other grassroots groups get the tools and support they need to take the fight to casino developers.

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Defy Chance is interested in helping people and communities combat casino development. If you are worried about a casino coming to your area or are already involved in an anti-casino campaign, Defy Chance can help. Using our experience and activist materials, you can be part of an established and dedicated movement that has successfully fended off the threat of casino development in many towns across the U.S.


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