User research methods

Participant Observation Since my thesis is heavily based on the activity of gambling, I think that it will be necessary to observe people in casinos as well as leaving casinos in order to witness their behavior, attitudes and moods. Is gambling truly addictive? Observing participants will provide good insight for me to determine the allure of casinos despite the fact that they profit on people’s weaknesses.

Surveys The gambling industry exists because many, many people are enticed by the allure of easy money, even though they know that their gambling method will often leave them with less money than they started with. Gambling creates emotions that can beat out the logic of being thrifty and in extreme cases it causes great financial problems. Surveys would provide information on why people choose to gamble, as well as how they feel about casinos and their supposed contributions to municipalities.

Case Studies Since casinos have profound effects on individuals and often their families, the case study would be an effective way to monitor people’s opinions on casinos. A case study could be pursued, for instance, with someone who did not used to be a frequent gambler, but became a problem gambler once a casino opened up nearby. Case studies require defining a problem, making a hypothesis, conducting research, revising a hypothesis, and following with a story.

Card Sorting Defy Chance will have a website, and the site’s content and usability are important. Card sorting will be an effective way of determining the site’s categories, hierarchy and content, since users will group cards into categories that they feel make sense.