Module 9

Lots of user testing this week! I printed out wireframes and met with Analia, Mark and Lindsay.

Home screen: Prefered home page version 2. The other versions had too much clutter and offered too much distraction. Mark said that version 2 felt like something that he would be ‘used to seeing’.

Task flow: Address selection screen should not say ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’. Instead, it should offer a choice. For instance, ‘Use this address’ or ‘use a different address’. The ‘Shipping’ screen should say ‘Shipping Info’ and the second cart screen should say the same thing, since it is displaying shipping information and not a shopping cart list.

Home screen: Prefered home page version 3 - as it is different and somewhat unique, but still usable and easy to understand. Less distratcing than the other versions, as it does not conflict with other content on the home screen.

Task flow: Process for resetting password should involve a code, not a reset password link. Need to look at how this is handled, either via an SMS or email. Also, need to have the option for selecting one address from a list of possible addresses when ordering materials. In other words, there need to be multiple addresses (work, home, etc.) available to select from when ordering from the site.

Home screen: Prefered home page version 1, but would like to incorporate  landing screen 3 with the menu from version 1 because the large buttons are appealing and easy to use. She also feels that it is important for the menu to be the only thing she sees, with no distracting content.

Task flow: It would be great to have two options to receive a PW reset code - both email and SMS. If a user is overseas, SMS will not necessarily work so being able to receive the code over email is necessary. ‘Email sent’ screen should be reworded to say that en email has been sent to the address on file. ‘Confirm address’ should say ‘Confirm shipping address’. On the cart screen, +/- buttons should be available to add and remove items. A screen needs to be added that reviews order details, allowing the user to confirm. The next screen should be a confirmation screen with order number needs to appear next.