Module 12

User testing!

5 things that worked:

1. Users felt that the overall simplicity of the interface was good.
2. My users were all over 40 and liked the large buttons. My audience would mainly be people older than their mid-30′s.
3. Users recognized the hamburger icon as a place to bring up navigation.
4. Users felt that the screens had just the right amount of text on them.
5. Users understood that there were three different DC kits to order and that each one had a specific purpose.

5 things that did not work:

1. Users felt that the creation of events needed to be more detailed and should allow people to contact the event organizer for more info.
2. Two users could not figure out what the graphic was on my home screen.
3. Users always wanted to be able to bring up the main menu again, or at least be able to go back home from any screen.
4. Some of the wording was not standard for current mobile sites. For instance, after editing an event’s information, the screen should say Save Changes instead of Create Event, which might make users think they are creating a second event.
5. One user stated that DC users should be given more direction after ordering materials, in terms of what to do with them once they are received.