Thesis 3, Week 7

This has been a long, tiresome, frustrating, yet rewarding journey, and there is still a lot of work to be done. My thesis began as something very personal for me, as I was involved in a local movement to stop a casino from coming to my town. I got to know some local activists and was asked to do the branding for the movement, which was known as SAVE Saratoga – Saratogians Against Vegas-style Expansion. When we were successful, I though about the role of design in the organization, and how visuals had an impact on our behavior and image. At the same time, I questioned how our organization might work in other places, where community-involvement might not be so strong, or government leadership might not be so willing to listen. My visuals were based on the idea that oppressed groups often use the language of guerilla marketing to get their points across, and that tactics such as this, while often dismissed as unprofessional, can equally gain attention to causes. Hence, my materials were designed with grassroots protest in mind and were influenced by constructivism and graffiti while giving a slight nod to the cheesy glamor of casino.

There is still a lot to be done; Since I have so many visuals, they all need to be tightened up and made to look consistent. I still have some writing to do, as well as some mockups and video editing. Speaking with my users has been invaluable, as it has shown me not only the things that need improvement or addition to my suite of deliverables, but also the ways in which people’s individual personalities play a role in determining how they approach certain products. It is clear to me that not all design work speaks the same language to every person, even within a shared demographic.